The beauty of endermologie® includes many protocols for men and women such as:

  • Targets fat & smooths Cellulite
  • Body sculpting & skin toning
  • Post-Pregnancy
  • Joint mobility & Muscle fascia
  • Sports Massage Pre and Post Event
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Scars and Burns
  • DOMS
  • Pre and Post Liposuction
  • Ease Bruising

​​​and much more. The benefits go far beyond aesthetics to encompass your total physiological wellbeing! 

When will I see results?

endermologie® is a multi-session treatment with typical sessions lasting 15-35 minutes. The average patient will see improving results with the additional treatments. Best results are obtained with a minimum of ten sessions at least twice weekly. Once the initial results are achieved, additional optimization sessions can be used to maintain and improve upon the initial results.

A unique treatment that slims and firms the areas you want

Roll In, Roll Out, Roll Up

 The treatment uses a three-step process of releasing fat, toning the skin and resculpting the tissue to be smooth and firm.           

Does it hurt?

The non-invasive procedures will 

be intense and effective but a truly 

relaxing and enjoyable  experience.


This 100% natural treatment provides a wide range of Beauty, Health and W​ellness therapy!

LPG® has been developing non-invasive technologies for both natural beauty as well as advanced therapeutic treatments.

​LPG® devices have been cleared by the FDA since 1998 and comply with all international quality standards.


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