A relaxing, FDA approved, detoxifying deep tissue treatment is used to help break down unwanted fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Especially useful for post-op patients and athletes, as this treatment improves healing time, scar tissue, flexibility and range of motion, while reducing soreness with increased blood flow.

For best results, weekly treatments are recommended.

ENDERMO GARMENT (required) 45ea


1   SESSION    150.00ea

6   SESSIONS  127.50ea

10 SESSIONS  115.00ea


60mins          195.00ea


​25mins ​          75.00ea

​All facials are customized to your current skin condition. After consulting with your skin care therapist, you can enjoy from the following


Express Facial     30min $75

quick pick me up to get your skin back on track in a flash. Choice of a mask or oxygen infusion.

Deep Cleansing   45min $85
thorough cleaning, exfoliation & nourishment. 

O2 Facial                      50min $125 

nourishing, hydrating, and also promotes healing & regenerative elements. Suited for ALL skin conditions.

MicroCurrent Lift    60min+ $185       

​"a little workout for your face!" This non-invasive lifting & toning treatment has much more benefits than just a lift. It promotes healing & regenerative elements as well.

The Works                   90min $185 

​gives you a touch of cleansing, oxygen, micro current and more to have your skin in tip top shape!